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Consumer Goods

Consumer good companies utilize Evans’ warehousing, value-add and transportation services to keep products on the shelves. Evans understands that consumer demand is high for these products. We are accustomed to handling high volume, high turnover items with custom handling specifications.

Reduce Time, Costs and Meet Demand

Evans is in a unique position to help manufacturers reduce costs and speed up delivery times. Not only can Evans store and manage inventory, but we also have the capability to package, repack, or co-pack products in any configuration a retailer requires. With rapid e-commerce growth, Evans can also fulfill direct-to-consumer orders. Crossdocking is another cost effective solution for consumer good manufacturers as it eliminates storage costs and accelerates delivery times.

Serving diverse industries

Beauty & Cosmetics


Automotive OEM & Aftermarket

Sports Equipment



Medical Devices & PPE

Health Products



It’s critical for consumer goods manufacturers to have reliable transportation. Our transportation division offers full truckload, LTL and specialized equipment such as cargo vans, sprinter vans, small/large straight trucks, flatbeds, and Conestogas. When working with Evans, customers receive additional cost savings from freight consolidation with other LTL customers who are shipping to the same retail locations. Trucks are outfitted with tracking devices that allow customers to follow their shipments real-time. Request a quote.