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Evans Distribution Systems offers asset-based and non-asset-based transportation services. Our comprehensive transportation solution provides shippers on-time delivery at the industry’s most competitive rates.

We Have a Solution to Fit Your Requirements

Evans is a full-service transportation provider. We adapt our solutions to fit your needs. A team of dedicated transportation account experts are standing by to design a route at the most competitive rates and flexibility. Evans is committed to delivering best-in-class transportation for customers in any industry.

Flexible & Innovative Transportation solutions

Alden Logistics, Inc.

With a dedicated fleet of 150 trucks, Alden Logistics Inc., offers a flexible and efficient shipping solution across Southeast Michigan and the Midwest. Alden drivers are qualified, professional and reliable. Trucks are well maintained. This is a great solution for consistent regional and state-wide routes.

Evans Logistics Inc.

By utilizing our network of partner carriers, Evans Logistics Inc. (ELI), provides flexible transportation management solutions for any type of shipment. ELI uses strict criteria to vet partner carriers and requires them to have optimal safety scores and be insured/bonded.

Transportation Capabilities

Full Truckload

Shipments up to 44,000 pounds or the size of pallet, and requiring a full truck.

Ocean & Air

Time-critical logistics that arrange for products to be shipped by air or plane.

Specialized Equipment

Cargo vans, sprinter vans, small/large straight trucks, flatbeds, conestoga, etc.

Port & Rail

Transporting products to or from the rail yard or a port.


An inventory system that aims to coordinate the arrival of materials or supplies at a facility at the moment that they are needed in an effort to reduce storage and holding costs.


Shipments weighing less than required for the application of a truckload rate.


Intermodal uses two or more modes of transportation: rail, truck or ship. The stock moved over sea by ship, over land by rail and by container, transported on a truck chassis.


Shorthand for hazardous material. Material is deemed hazardous by the government or a carrier. Hazmat requires special handling or special facilities.

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