Food & Beverage Logistics

Food and beverage companies are unique. They require clean, safe and reliable warehousing and transportation solutions. Evans has worked with several food, beverage and liquor companies for the last 30 years. Our operations are equipped to deliver on customer expectations in this vertical.

Quality Food & Beverage Supply Chain Solutions

The food and beverage supply chain is one of the most critical in the world. Meeting tight deadlines to get products on the shelves and into the hands of consumers is imperative. Evans has the space, equipment, technology, transportation and value-add capabilities to ensure the food and beverage supply chain is efficient.


Dry/Packaged Food

Evans runs several food-grade facilities which follow the FDA guidelines for cleanliness and proper handling of food products. We have a robust cleaning routine to keep food safe. One of our facilities is obtaining the AIB Certification with an anticipated completion in 2021.

Types of food we store:

  • Bulk food
  • Ingredients
  • Packaged Goods

Learn how  Cynara, an international food supplier that specializes in artichokes, uses Evans to maintain availability and avoid price fluctuations by combining warehousing and transportation services. 

Quality & Testing

Food products must have high quality standards. Food products can get damaged during the transportation or storage process. For these reasons, Evans has a dedicated quality room that is designed for testing and ensuring your products are in perfect condition before they reach the consumer.


Evans holds a liquor license to handle an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We are experts at custom packaging and kitting of beverages. We also provide inventory control on products with high turn rates as well as inbound and outbound transportation.

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