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Frequently Asked Questions

Never worked with a 3PL before? This page is a great introduction into the outsourced logistics world and to Evans as a company. 

frequently asked questions

We were established in 1929 as a privately-owned  third-party logistics company. John A. Evans is the fourth-generation president and CEO. Since the very beginning, we have developed a reputation of expertise for innovation in simplifying the supply chain process. Learn more about our history.

We are a third-party logistics (3PL) provider specializing in warehousing, fulfillment, transportation, value-added, and staffing. We’re continuously expanding our services and operating areas and to simplify the distribution process for customers like you. You can leverage a 3PL to handle your shipping and fulfillment, so you can worry about other important areas of your business. Learn more about us. 

A third-party logistics company provides outsourced logistics services. Essentially, Evans never takes ownership over the goods that we handle. Our services include dedicated and contract warehousing, asset-based and non-asset-based transportation, value-added services, direct-to-consumer fulfillment and staffing solutions.  

When you work with a 3PL, you’ll be working with seasoned logistics professionals, trained specifically in warehousing, distribution, and transportation. We have broad technical knowledge of operations management, integrations, quality, inventory management, automation and more.  

You’ll be able to open your doors to more customers since you’ll be sure that your supply chain is streamlined. This allows you to free up resources to focus on business growth and expansion.

We currently service the automotive, hazmat, food and beverage, paper, furniture, cannabis and consumer products industries. However, we are always expanding our reach based on needs and market shifts.

We operate nearly 3.5 million square feet of warehousing space out of nine facilities in Metro Detroit. Our staffing services span several states across the U.S. We’re able to provide services throughout North America and internationally, depending on the project.  

Our warehouses are located in Detroit, Melvindale, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Brownstown, and Romulus. Our headquarters is run out of our Melvindale location. We provide warehouse labor in other states, including Tennessee, Texas, Colorado and Illinois. Visit our locations page for more information about our locations and facility specs.

Yes, our headquarters facility in Melvindale is a customs bonded warehouse.

Nearly 1 million square feet of warehousing space is designated as Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). In an FTZ, foreign and domestic merchandise is considered to be outside of legal U.S. customs territory. FTZs allow for duty deferral and duty reduction. As long as the products remain in an FTZ it is absolved from typical foreign customs procedures, duties, and (occasionally) tariffs. Many international customers benefit from substantial savings when utilizing an FTZ.

Evans has both an asset-based transportation division for local/regional transportation needs and a non-asset-based transportation management solution for domestic and international shipping. These divisions allow us to offer a full menu of transportation solutions including just-in-time transportation services, truckload and LTL services, ocean freight, customs bonded, port and rail drayage, intermodal services, and more. Get in touch to find out more about our transportation services, or check out our transportation page.

You’ll be able to open your doors to more customers since you’ll be sure that your supply chain is streamlined. This allows you to free up resources to focus on business growth and expansion.

Absolutely. We can fulfill orders directly from your ecommerce website, handling the behind the scenes logistics, shipping and kitting. We can handle e-commerce integration, funds, freight and shipping management, same-day order processing, customize your delivery experiences, and more. Check out our fulfillment page for more information. We also handle customized product requirements such as packaging, assembly, labeling, inspection, repacking through our value-added division. Visit our value-added page for more information.

Yes, we have multiple customers that require same-day order processing.

We use a state-of-the-art warehouse management and order management software to manage inventory, orders, and shipments. We also utilize a transportation management software to help us schedule freight movement and provide real-time visibility of your shipments. We deployed a machine vision/artificial intelligence automation system to assist in inventory accuracy on our fulfillment line. Our data portal, evans365, is a proprietary customer reporting tool that monitors inventory levels, notifications, product velocity, shipment tracking, and other customizable metrics. Visit our technology and systems page for more information.

Depending on the complexity of your project, we can begin work immediately.

Simply contact us online through the Request a Quote form and provide some details about your project—then we’ll get in touch. Or, contact us by writing sales@evansdist.com or calling 1-800-OK-EVANS. We look forward to working with you!

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