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Dedicated Warehousing

For more than 90 years, Evans Distribution Systems has operated several dedicated warehouses. These warehouses range from standard inventory warehousing to light manufacturing and assembly operations. Partnering with an experienced 3PL ensures your operations are optimized and disruption-free. 

A Dedicated 3PL Solution Designed Solely for You

Dedicated (or contract) warehousing is a highly customized third-party logistics (3PL) solution. This outsourced warehouse solution is dedicated to a single company’s products and operations. The 3PL may or may not own the warehouse and equipment, depending on the requirements of the customer.

Advantages of a Dedicated Warehouse

Strategic Site Selection

Understanding a customer’s unique requirements and leveraging our experience and expertise, Evans can help you identify the optimal region, find the perfect facility, and assist with real estate contract negotiations.

Long-term Market Stability

A dedicated solution requires a long-term partnership between both parties. This allows each customer to invest in strategic solutions and greatly reduces operational disruptions.

Flexible IT & Software

In contract warehousing, the IT solutions are unique to each dedicated operation. Systems can either be custom designed, a customer’s existing systems can be employed, or the customer’s system can be integrated with Evans’ WMS.

Specialized Material Handling Equipment

Operations that have a specific or unique value-added component benefit from a dedicated solution. Evans has the expertise to operate and select, maintain, and optimize the required material handling equipment.

Optimized Facility Layout

With the facility operations focused on a single customer, the entire layout will revolve around optimized efficiencies. Considerations such as racking systems, inventory management, and material handling will be carefully factored into the facility layout and infrastructure.

Labor Management

Whether volumes fluctuate due to seasonality or consistent throughput volume is forecasted, each dedicated operation requires expertise in supervision, labor management, training, and safety. A dedicated operation is well-equipped to ensure consistency, compliance, and efficiency.


Your success is our number one priority. We run your dedicated operation with the same level of quality and integrity as our own. 

seamless integrations guided by Our Dedicated IT Team

Our IT team specializes in logistics software integrations. Evans’ in-house developers make the integration process seamless for our customers as well as troubleshoot issues–real-time. Every customer is unique. We design a custom solution based around your requirements. Our software supports a variety of common standard and non-standard EDI files including: