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ABC Classification

ABC classification is a method used in inventory management to categorize items based on their annual consumption value. “A” items are the most valuable and have the highest consumption rate,

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Supplemental activity or material, outside normal handling and storage, that is billable in accordance with the client’s contract.

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An airbag is an inflatable bag used to fill empty space on a load of product to keep the product from shifting.

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Allocated Inventory

Allocated inventory is inventory that is reserved for a specific order, customer, promotional event, or other purpose and is not to be used for standard order fulfillment purposes. Once allocated,

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Apron is the area outside the dock door which is used by delivery vehicles to park or position for loading and unloading. It is specifically designed to a depth that

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Automatic Conveyor System

An automatic conveyor system is a material handling system that uses automated technology to transport goods or products from one place to another. The system typically consists of conveyor belts,

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Automatic Material Handling

Automatic material handling is a system of technologies and processes that automate the movement, storage, and control of materials in a manufacturing or distribution environment. The aim of automatic material

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Available Inventory

Available inventory is the amount of shippable product in the warehouse; does not include product designated as damaged, on hold, or pending shipment.

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Back Haul

Back haul is when an outbound shipment is delivered, and instead of coming back empty, a load is picked up from a destination close to the final stop-off and then

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