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About Us

Evans Distribution Systems is a privately-owned, third-party logistics company based in Melvindale, Mich. The 90-year-old company is run by a fourth-generation leadership and operates more than 3 million square feet of warehousing space in Southeast Michigan. Evans provides warehousing, fulfillment, value-added, transportation, and staffing services for a variety of customers in automotive, food/beverage, consumer goods, hazmat, paper/raw materials and government  sectors.

People, Passion & Innovation

Mission Statement
 It is our mission to be a strategic supply chain partner admired for our people, passion and innovation.

Quality Statement
Evans creates an atmosphere of confidence and comfort for our customers by understanding their changing needs and efficiently implementing the processes which exceed their expectations of quality.

We operate on the four pillars of success:
Heritage, innovation, flexibility and quality. 

Evans' 9-Point System


Understand our customers' unique and ever-changing warehousing and distribution needs. Continually listen for new opportunities to improve or expand our supply chain management services.


Develop the systems required to meet our customers' needs. Continually work together to refine integrated logistics solutions that solve their challenges.


Establish effective and timely communication with our customers and with each other to ensure a consistent flow of accurate information.

Assign Responsibility

Assign the responsibility of customer satisfaction to an Evans account manager for each customer. This individual is committed to understanding the unique requirements and implementing the systems required to meet them.

Set Standards

Establish standards for both service and productivity to be monitored internally and with our customers on an ongoing basis.


Document each customer's specific requirements in our standard operating manual. Maintain and update this document as requirements and key information changes.


Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done with meticulous attention to day-to-day details.


Continually monitor both the service standards and productivity standards on a regular basis, understanding fluctuations and identifying opportunities for improvement.


Review all aspects of the partnership on a regular basis with our customers to ensure we are providing the highest level of quality service possible.

Discover why it's easier with Evans

At Evans, customers come first. We treat customers with equal attention to service and quality. We provide an end-to-end 3PL solution. We have a robust quality management program that focuses on continuous improvement, lean operations and ISO 9001:2015 certification. Discover for yourself why the Evans family continues to grow and how our customers have come to know, it’s easier with Evans. Read more on the 3PL Insights blog. 

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