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Automotive Logistics

Detroit is the hub of automotive engineering and manufacturing, and Evans Distribution Systems has built strong partnerships with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. Our in-depth experience has enabled us to develop expertise in handling and transporting a variety of automotive components.

Flexible & Reliable
Supply Chain Solutions

Evans serves the automotive industry in  transportation, warehousing and value-add service categories. We design a custom solution that allows partners to focus on building innovative vehicles. We streamline manufacturing processes by providing flexible storage and transportation solutions at the most critical times.


Powertrain Repacking

When heavy powertrain products need to be repacked Evans has the knowledge and the equipment to accomplish it. We are experts in repacking engines, axles, transmissions and batteries using air-powered hoists to delicately lift heavy items and place them in a bins, totes or racks. 

Quality Inspection & Containment

As recalled or damaged products arise, Evans has a strong inventory tracking system to simplify the process. All inventory is meticulously tracked by serial number. Products are immediately segregated to be held back or shipped to another location. We also provide inspection for overseas products before they reach the plant.

Flex Storage

The automotive industry is known for needing overflow capacity quickly. Our convenient storage locations surrounding the manufacturing plants makes us an ideal 3PL partner. We accommodate short-term and long-term storage solutions quickly.

Digital Image Inventory

Automotive customers benefit greatly from a digital image inventory system. The warehouse management system tracks products by serial number and image making it easier to see equipment and prepare it for resale.

Temperature & Humidity Controlled Storage

As more low emission vehicles go to market, the storage of lithium ion batteries becomes more prevalent. Evans has designated space that regulates the temperature and the humidity levels for optimal battery storage.


Evans’ asset-based and non-asset-based transportation divisions are approved automotive carriers. We are experts in expedites, just-in-time, shuttles and dedicated service parts delivery routes. Visit our transportation page for more info.


Evans Distribution Systems has earned the credentials of a reliable automotive logistics partner. Customers receive additional benefits including EDI integrations, AIAG labeling requirements, Foreign Trade Zone, CTPAT compliant, U.S. Customs Bonded, ISO 9001:2015 certified, hazmat, and rail access. Learn how Evans assisted SAS Automotive with a transportation solution that was fully integrated with their AGV system at the plant. 

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