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SAS Automotive


SAS Automotive operates 20 plants around the world specializing in the assembly of components for motor vehicles. Founded in 1996, they specialize in creating customer specific modules for automobiles utilizing automated technology.


SAS Automotive assembles the instrument panels for one of their customer’s vehicles. Once assembled, the consoles are shipped directly to the vehicle assembly line to create the finished product. SAS required a transportation solution that integrated with the automation from both assembly lines. They also needed a reliable transportation solution that ran on a constant 24-hour loop from the SAS warehouse to the final assembly line.


Evans customized five new trailers with an automated racking system dedicated to this project. The computer from the trailer connects to an SAS computer upon arrival. The system signals the AGV (automatic guided vehicles) to begin loading the trailer. Once the trailer is filled, they disconnect the computer and proceed to deliver the consoles to the final assembly plant. The trailer then connects to the computer at the plant and is unloaded by robots directly onto the assembly line.


Evans was able to provide a customized transportation solution by investing in automated technology dedicated for this project. Our drivers deliver on time, every time, to ensure the line stays in motion.

Download the case study here.