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Battery Logistics

As the world shifts to electric vehicles, the need for outsourced warehousing and transportation is essential. Evans Distribution Systems has adapted its operational infrastructure to meet this demand. We have extensive experience in high-velocity logistics and operational management to support the growing battery manufacturing market. Our ISO-driven systems and processes have delivered quality service to automotive manufacturers and OEM suppliers for more than 90 years.

Battery-Powered Logistics

Evans Distribution operates a dedicated lithium-ion battery facility in Detroit. Our 168,000 sq. ft. temperature-controlled facility is equipped with Class 9 hazmat-compliant features including fire suppression, safety equipment, and security. We are equipped with lithium-ion battery cases for safe storage and transportation of damaged, defective, or prototype batteries. Our operations team is knowledgeable in testing and charging for optimal battery lifespan. Additionally, we are fully insured for the transportation of hazardous goods.


You need a 3PL partner that is knowledgeable about battery logistics. This comes with years of experience and an operations team that has SOPs and training programs in place to ensure goods are handled safely. 


Powertrain Repacking of
Returnable Dunnage

We are experts in repacking engines, axles, transmissions and batteries using air-powered hoists to delicately lift heavy items and place them in a bins, totes, or racks. 

Quality Inspection & Containment

Evans has a strong inventory tracking system to simplify the process. All inventory is meticulously tracked by serial number. Products are immediately segregated to be held back or shipped to another location. 

Flex Storage

Our convenient storage locations surrounding the manufacturing plants makes us an ideal 3PL partner. We accommodate short-term and long-term storage solutions quickly.

Temperature & Humidity Control Storage

Evans has designated space that regulates the temperature and the humidity levels for optimal battery storage.

Safety & Security

Evans invests in high-level safety features such as battery storage cases, fire suppression system, and security systems.


Our asset-based and non-asset-based transportation solutions provide reliable shipping at competitive prices. 

Additional value for Our customers

Evans Distribution Systems has earned the credentials of a reliable automotive logistics partner. Customers receive additional benefits including WMS/TMS, EDI integrations, AIAG labeling requirements, Foreign Trade Zone, CTPAT compliance, U.S. Customs Bonded, ISO 9001:2015 certified, hazmat, international shipping solutions, and rail access.