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Dash Cameras Keep Truck Drivers Safe on the Road

A lot can happen out on the road. Drivers know all too well some of the dangers associated with their job. Many dangers are out of one’s control—making dash cameras an important safety feature.

Last year, Evans Distribution Systems set out to protect our fleet of drivers by installing in-cab cameras. The Lytx cameras are dual-sided, capturing a 360-degree view from the front and inside the cab. The cloud-based technology features motion-censored recorders that hold up to 50 hours of real-time footage. The footage is only viewed when a hazard is detected.  Cameras are outfitted with machine vision and artificial intelligence technology that is trained to identify dangers on the road and provide real-time alerts.

These dangers include:

  • Running a stop sign or a red light.
  • Turning a corner or braking too hard.
  • Driving over the speed limit.
  • Following too close to another vehicle.
  • Swerving outside of a lane.

These alerts reduce accidents and provide valuable evidence to exonerate safe drivers when collisions occur. In fact, in the first year of installing the cameras several drivers have benefitted from this.

“One of our drivers was accused of swerving into a lane and hitting another car. The police showed up and I was able to provide footage to the officer that exonerated [the driver] on the spot,” says James Szczepanski, Driver Recruiter at Evans.

Drivers have experienced other benefits too. Cameras can protect against road rage, theft, or expensive claims associated with damaged products. “If a customer blames damaged products on drivers, we can revisit the footage to prove that there were no load shifts during that route,” Szczepanski says.

Driver safety is a top priority at Evans. We love to reward our best drivers who are consistently safe, on-time and reliable. “The cameras help us acknowledge drivers who take safety seriously,” says Tony Trocki, Vice President of Transportation at Evans. “We now have a tool that helps us recognize drivers for their professionalism and keeps them safe.”

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