How to Promote from Within: Featuring Renee Baker

Renee Baker joined the Evans family in 1992.  She was hired as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) at Evans’ Artesian building in Detroit, Michigan.  Throughout her career at Evans, Renee has worked in almost every operation—from a CSR in the office to a helping hand on the warehouse floor to even a truck dispatcher when needed.  In addition, Renee has worked at numerous locations, including Artesian, CDW, Joy Road, Highland Park, Glendale, DPS, and Mt. Elliott.  In January 2020, Renee was promoted due to her “wealth of knowledge regarding customers’ operational needs.”  Today, Renee is the Operations Manager at the Romulus warehouse.  Ask anyone here and they will tell you that Renee is the perfect person for this role.  Not only does Renee know every aspect of the business, but she is an extremely dedicated, team-oriented individual who always puts the customer first.

Her team is the tool in which Renee measures success.  She constantly asks herself, “Are they well informed? Knowledgeable? Happy? Energized? Thriving?”  Renee welcomes and appreciates her team’s input – no idea is too small when it comes to bettering operations or fulfilling a customer’s needs.  She believes she can only be successful if her team is successful.  Renee makes sure that everyone on her team understands that they are valued and are an important part to the success of Evans.  Renee empowers each one of her team members as she knows these “gems” are the next generation of the Evans family and will be the ones that will continue to move the company forward.

When it comes to her current role as Operations Manager, Renee likes the teaching aspect most of all.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge, but also, learning from and collaborating with her team.  Renee seeks to improve processes all the time and is successful in doing so with the help of her team.  She and her team members reflect on previous shared tasks, learn from each other, challenge each other, and solve complex problems together.

What helps her stay driven?  Renee says, “The desire to make Evans better is what has kept me driven.  I have had some great mentors along the way who have been invaluable to me – John A. Evans, Karen Toth, Steve Ruch and countless others.  I have had the privilege to work with many teams over several facilities and I have taken something from each team that has helped me grow.”  In sum, Renee expresses, “I want to make a difference.”

For other employees who are interested in moving up in the company, Renee advises, “Be a good team member.  Let your ideas be known.  Stay with it.  Ask a lot of questions.  Get involved.”

Renee has been employed at Evans for 28 years.  She has always enjoyed working for Evans.  Renee loves the family environment and the people she works with.  She appreciates “being valued and being encouraged to grow.”  Renee has accomplished so much and has helped so many people throughout her career.  Evans is proud to have Renee on our team and we look forward to seeing more great work in the years to come!

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