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The evans365 Data Portal Provides Customers with Business Intelligence

Evans Distribution Systems is pleased to introduce a new business intelligence tool, known as the evans365 data portal. The tool provides warehouse customers a holistic view of their account activity, based on real-time data from Evans’ warehouse management system (WMS) and other data sources.

The evans365 portal showcases warehouse data graphically and provides customers with interactive dashboards designed to uncover business insights. The dashboard view allows customers to spot trends and understand activity at any level.

This proprietary tool was built with Evans’ customers in mind. The idea was generated from a customer focus group and participants have guided the project through development. But we’re not done yet. There are several areas for expansion of the tool, and we are actively gathering feedback from customers and internal users.

Currently, the portal features three dashboards:

Account Activity

The account activity dashboard features real-time transaction (shipments/receipts) data. It also tracks inventory turn rates. Dashboards can be manipulated based on time, facility location, SKU, unit, shipment location and more. This dashboard is designed to give customers an overview of on-hand inventory and activity over time.

Storage Efficiency

The storage efficiency dashboard highlights inventory by square foot. Customers can view data by unit, by pallet, and on average. This dashboard is designed to measure how effectively warehouse space is utilized.

Handling Efficiency

The handling efficiency dashboard highlights inventory handling by man hour. This dashboard pulls data from our WMS and our labor management system. Customers can view data based on labor type or charge code and measure handling efficiency by month or day. Labor data is not real-time and dependent on timely entry of labor.

All dashboards allow customers to export the data from each graph into Excel and export the graphs as pdf, jpg or png files. All data can be displayed from a monthly or daily viewpoint. There is a built-in error system that logs errors and immediately sends them to Evans’ IT Support Team for investigation. The evans365 portal is also the new access point to the warehouse management system, which provides additional inventory detail.

We Want to Hear from You

Customer feedback is the most valuable feedback we can receive. Is there a metric or graph that would make your life easier? Is there additional information that you would like to see? We would love to hear what you think about the user experience, the dashboards, and how the tool can be even more beneficial. Please login and use your WMS credentials to access the tool. We welcome your thoughts and feedback at sales@evansdist.com.

We appreciate your continued support of Evans Distribution Systems.