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A Day in the Life: Value Added Manager

A value added manager can help a 3PL to standout from their competition with superior service. Value added services include final steps in completing a product which can include assembly, inspection, packaging, kitting, or any other special instructions for the final version of your product. It is the value added manager that brings all of these steps together to create a final product ready for shipment. Just like in our “A Day in the Life: Warehouse Operations Manager” this article explains what to expect if you want to pursue a career in this role.

Day to Day:

Everyday for a value added manager brings different opportunities. Each customer is unique and requires different steps for their final product. Shawn Wright, value added manager at Evans Distribution Systems has offered his insights on the day to day of the job. “The first thing to do when starting your day is checking how many available employees we have for each project,” says Shawn. “This will determine how we prioritize our time to complete each task.” From there, a manager divides his time with responding to emails, calling customers, ordering supplies for the production line, tracking customer inventory, and communicating with staff to make sure tasks are being completed efficiently.

What to Expect:

Each day comes with its own obstacles, and it’s important to be able to adapt to whatever changes may be needed. When asked about the best way to handle these changes Wright says, “I think it’s important being able to adapt in difficult circumstances.  Being a quick thinker to turn a bad moment into a good situation.” He goes on to say it’s important to be mentally tough to handle stressful situations. In value added there are a lot of things that need to be monitored, so organization and being able to schedule your time wisely is very important.

Getting Started:

For a career in value added it is important to be hands on and learn all aspects of the job. Starting at an entry level position and volunteering for new positions when they come available allows you to build expertise. This will help you make informed decisions and understand all areas of the job. It is also important to be a good communicator and teach others how to execute properly. “I think one of the biggest misconceptions of being a leader is you need to be feared to be successful.  I’ve found respect goes much further than fear.  My co-workers and I are willing to take on any challenge and more times than not we are successful. I’m willing to get my hands dirty and work alongside my team. Good leadership improves the work relationship and work experience.”

Are you interested in a career that allows you to be creative, work with a variety of customers, and where you have room to grow with the company? A career in warehousing may be the right fit for you. Evans Distribution Systems is always looking for new people interested in a career in logistics. Visit our careers page  for more information on available jobs.