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A Team Effort – The Radix Crossdock Project

Teamwork is critical in logistics. At Evans Distribution Systems, teamwork across facilities and business units is necessary to provide customers with a seamless 3PL solution. At the Huron River Drive location, transportation and warehousing operations collaborated on a fast-moving crossdock project that required effective communication and top performance from our team.

Radix, an international freight forwarder, contacted Evans to receive and ship 150 containers of imported resin. Radix was looking for a reliable 3PL partner after having outbound conflicts with a former partner. Carrier failure is a significant setback for companies that need to move products quickly. In this case, Radix would face a $150 fine after a one-day container delay at the rail yard. Time was of the essence.

The Solution

The solution required Evans to track containers upon arrival at the rail yard and coordinate their delivery to Evans’ facility. Once at the facility, containers are unloaded and stored short-term before shipment to the plant.

Deanna Smith, Evans’ brokerage manager, along with her logistics team, coordinated the transportation side. The team managed the carrier schedule; communicating container arrivals to drivers to ensure latecomers didn’t jeopardize the daily drop-off.

Rusty Hayworth, warehouse operations manager, oversaw the cargo at the distribution center. Hayworth managed the unloading and loading of containers. Each day was focused on coordinating inbound and outbound traffic to make a perfect flow from the container to the truck. The solution expedited drayage from rail to the distribution center in a short timeframe with no additional fees.

The Outcome

The transportation and operations team worked together to provide hassle-free services to the customer. In the end, Evans’ solution saved Radix thousands of dollars and hours of communication. “Rather than collecting only five containers like most 3PLs, Evans coordinated 20 loads per day,” Smith says. The team’s advanced tracking system allowed for quick reactions to last-minute changes.

According to Kevin at Radix, Evans “exceeded expectations.” As the project progresses into phase two, Evans continues to deliver exceptional service that builds strong partnerships with customers like Radix.