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Gordie Howe International Bridge Builds Speed

Evans Distribution Systems’ employees have a unique opportunity to witness the construction of a $5.7 billion Gordie Howe International Bridge. With Evans having two facilities neighboring the bridge, located on I-75 and Fort Street, we have a front-row seat of a city landmark being built.

Overhead photo of downtown Detroit

In the early days, there were heated politics surrounding the bridge. This project was initially proposed by the Canadian government and sparked a feud with the owners of the U.S. Ambassador Bridge, the Maroun family.  Both U.S. and Canadian governments argued over tariffs when the bridge opens. After many discussions, the U.S. agreed on the economic advantages of the new bridge and provided support.

We look forward to having this asset in our region. The bridge completion date is scheduled for end of 2024. The project is much more than a gateway across the river for commercial traffic. It includes a pedestrian path, a repair shop, modern border inspection and processing facilities, and four new roads making it easily accessible from I-75.

According to the Gordie Howe website, the cable-stayed bridge will be 1.5 miles long, featuring six lanes, three inbound and three outbound. It will be one of the five longest bridges in North America. The areas leading to the bridge’s entry points will feature 54 acres of landscaping and lighting, commercial and residential roadways, and pedestrian walkways. It’s also expected to create 2,500 jobs in the Detroit and Windsor areas. The thoughtfulness and effort placed in the Gordie Howe Bridge project is evident, from an environmental and economic standpoint.

The Gordie Howe Bridge Symbolizes New Opportunities

The bridge represents growth and opportunity. It’s a beacon of international trade that ensures an efficient flow of goods between countries. Evans Distribution Systems has a strong history of partnering with Canadian companies to transport goods across the border. Canadian businesses often benefit from Evans’ 1-million-square- feet of Foreign Trade Zone warehousing, which allows customers to defer duties until the product is released.

Many automotive parts are imported from Canada and Evans has proudly served the automotive industry since the company was founded in 1929. Evans is committed to supporting automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

The massive scale and size of the bridge is amazing. A true marvel of modern infrastructure. We are grateful for the talented and brave individuals who have designed, engineered, and constructed the bridge. Only a video could capture the heights that construction crews are working day-to-day, towards this industrious goal.

Evans Distribution Systems is dedicated to doing its part to help build the Gordie Howe Bridge. We are storing materials and having them delivered as they are needed in the construction process. With our close proximity to the construction site, several new building material customers have inquired about warehousing and transportation services.

Are you looking for a warehousing or transportation solution near the Gordie Howe Bridge? We are standing by to support the operating engineers, laborers, carpenters, electricians, landscapers, equipment operators, and truck drivers who are building this promising international access point.