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How Sequenced Parts Delivery Streamlines the Automotive Supply Chain

In the world of auto manufacturing, timing and efficiency is critical for production. Any delays in assembly can result in a costly shutdown, so it’s important that all parts arrive as they are needed. However, storing these large parts in one facility takes up a lot of space.  How can auto manufacturers have parts available while working with limited space at the assembly facility? The solution is sequenced parts delivery (SPD).

Sequenced Parts Delivery Graphic, Automotive Assembly Line

What is Sequenced Parts Delivery?

Sequenced parts delivery (SPD) allows auto manufacturers to outsource the assembly of parts to other facilities and deliver them to a central location for final assembly. Instead of assembling the entire vehicle in one facility, they dedicate different locations to building the doors, dashboards, engine, etc. Then the finished parts are delivered to the final assembly facility.

These parts are shipped in order of when they will be used in assembly so there is no searching for a specific part. It is all a seamless transition from the warehouse, to the truck, to the production line.

Benefits of SPD

SPD is a great method for making an operation more efficient. The scheduled deliveries eliminate the need for inventory storage and reduces handling. If managed correctly, parts are replenished regularly, and production is optimized.

Challenges with SPD

Sequenced part deliveries have a lot of elements that need to work together to ensure production continues. If the sequence is interrupted or delayed, it results in a production shut down. This is costly to manufacturers that are employing hundreds of people to stand idly and wait for the parts. Additionally, a gap in the sequence can cause parts to be misassembled. This leads to recalls which is very costly for the auto manufacturer. Quality control and frequent communication are vital with SPD.

When implemented correctly, sequenced parts delivery is a strategy that can streamline the assembly process, reduce storage of on-hand inventory, and increase production output. Evans has years of SPD experience and specializes in customizing a transportation solution for your business. When SAS Automotive came to Evans needing SPD support we were able to provide custom trailers with automated racking systems for their assembly lines. Contact us today to learn more about how Evans can provide sequence parts delivery support for your company.