Top 10 Considerations When Selecting A Warehouse Facility

By Leslie Ajlouny, VP Business Development at Evans Distribution Systems

There are lots of considerations when selecting a warehouse facility for your products and equipment.  Picking the right warehouse can save your business time, money, and give you the confidence needed to build and sustain a good supply chain.

Take a look at this list of things to consider before making your warehouse selection.

10. Ceiling height – must be appropriate for the commodities to be stored.  Too high can increase cost of real estate, taxes, utilities, etc. too low can reduce storage efficiencies.

9. Accessibility – different than location it must be accessible to freeways.

8. Ordinances – must meet local ordinances which may limit truck traffic or may restrict type of goods stored.

7. Access to rail could be critical depending on the building use.  The rail carriers and potential interchange expenses may need to be considered

6. Bay size will impact layout, rack ability and overall storage efficiencies

5. Dock doors – number of doors, size of doors, type of doors and location of doors in proximity to storage areas will be key to efficiencies

4. Price must match market and support business model

3. Flexibility and ability to expand is critical to meet changing needs.

2. Location

1. Location     (location of the building is critical for several reasons including freight fans or drayage expense, proximity to quality labor, proximity to other resources, etc.