America’s Top 10 Exports

Americans hear a lot about the trade deficit. Indeed, for many people, the phrase “Made in America” seems to reflect a bygone era as the country’s manufacturing sectors have waned with the rise of the so-called digital economy.

However, the United States is still a force to be reckoned with as far as exports go. In 2021, for instance, America sent $2,528.5 billion worth of goods and services abroad. This was a $394.1 billion increase from 2020. 

So, what are the top ten commodity products that America sends overseas?

Map of the United States with crates interposed onto it. "10" in the lefthand corner in yellow.

1. Pharmaceuticals – $83,339 million

Leading the list by just over $14 million, the USA’s #1 export in 2021 was pharmaceutical preparations.

2. Crude oil – $69,317 million

This is the top export for the U.S. under the Industrial Supplies and Materials category.

3. Industrial machines, other – $68,440 million

America is one of the world’s largest industrial machinery exporters, supporting automotive, construction, agricultural, electronics, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries. 

4. Semiconductors – $66,098 million

Semiconductor-enabled technologies are used in cars, coffee makers, computers – and everything in between.

5. Petroleum products, other – $63,861 million

This is a $25,188 million increase from 2020.

6. Passenger cars, new and used – $53,664 million

There’s nothing like driving around the world in an American made car.

7. Other parts and accessories of vehicles – $47,411 million

U.S. manufacturers help ensure that all vehicles have what they need to run safely, efficiently, and reliably.

8. Plastic materials – $43,719 million

Another increase from 2020, this one equal to $9,439 million.

9. Electric apparatus – $42,837 million

Electric apparatus such as boards, panels, and consoles are used in various equipment and machines.

10. Medical equipment – $39,846 million

Nobody makes life-saving devices to higher standards than the U.S.

Countries all across the globe buy American-made products:

Take a look at just a few.

  • Canada accounts for 17.5% of our exports 
  • Mexico accounts for 15.8% 
  • China accounts for 8.6% 
  • Japan accounts for 4.3% 
  • South Korea accounts for 3.7% 
  • Germany accounts for 3.7% 
  • United Kingdom accounts for 3.5% 
  • Netherlands accounts for 3.1% 
  • Brazil accounts for 2.7% 
  • India accounts for 2.3% 
  • Taiwan accounts for 2.1% 
  • Singapore accounts for 2% 
  • Belgium accounts for 1.9%
  • France accounts for 1.7%
  • Hong Kong accounts for 1.7%
  • Egypt accounts for 0.3%