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LePage’s is a manufacturer and distributor based out of Toronto, Ontario. They specialize in office supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, mailing envelopes, etc. They are one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of these products in the US, with customers such as Wal-Mart, Office Depot and Family Dollar. Products are manufactured in China, Canada and the US.LePages


For more than 20 years, LePage’s operated their own Distribution Center in the Detroit area in a building owned by LePage’s staffed with LePage’s associates. Although this solution successfully met the needs of the company and their customers for many years, LePage’s leadership identified several opportunities for improvement.

  • The facility was too large for their needs presenting an opportunity for savings
  • The space was not well-utilized creating inefficiencies in both storage and handling
  • There was an opportunity to implement new technology to improve productivity, inventory management and shipping accuracy

LePage’s wanted to focus on their proven expertise in retail sales and customer service and needed a great logistics partner to focus on the distribution solutions.


LePage’s selected Evans Distribution Systems as their full-service logistics service provider. Relocating their D.C. from their own 300,000 square foot facility into 50,000 square feet in one of Evans’ multi-client facilities, provided two immediate opportunities for savings. First, LePage’s was able to generate revenue by leasing out their owned facility and second, they now had a completely scalable real estate solution to support their seasonal retail business. In addition, Evans’ third party logistics (3PL) solution provided improved technology with RF Scanning and a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS), increased expertise in warehouse operations, and decreased risk and exposure. The new partnership has also enabled LePage’s to leverage Evans’ complete transportation management and value-added packaging solutions resulting in even greater opportunities for increased savings and improved customer service.
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